Corporate Governance Board Committees

Continuously striving for excellence. Our Board of Directors has established advisory committees composed by our directors. The committees are permanent and cover matters as Audit; Finance; Compensation, Nominating and Governance issues.

Audit Committee:
Edward Ruiz (Chair), Daniella Dimitrov, and Jane Sadowsky.

Finance Committee:
João Schmidt (Coordinator), Edward Ruiz, and Jaime Ardila.

Compensation, Nominating and Governance Committee:
Eduardo Borges de Andrade Filho (Coordinator), Jane Sadowsky, and Luís Ermírio de Moraes.

Audit Committee | internal rules

Monitors the integrity of the financial statements and the internal control systems, identifying and managing risk, setting ethics and conduct standards and procedures.

Finance Committee | internal rules

Understands market scenarios and trends, outlines financial policies and strategies, evaluate and monitors the annual investment plans, proposes guidelines for managing cash flow and the company’s liquidity.

Compensation, Nominating and Governance Committee | internal rules

Evaluate compensation models, recommends candidates for CEO and Board member positions, evaluating performance of the Board of Directors, Committees and the CEO, developing guidelines and principles for corporate governance.

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