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Business Strategy

Long-term strategic vision

Our strategy is to deliver long-term value and returns to our stakeholders through our portfolio of world-class assets, which includes flagship polymetallic mines and smelters located in Brazil and Peru, maintaining a financial discipline with a focus on balance sheet strength and leverage ratios. We also have in mind that the future depends on our capacity to innovate and our responsibility to optimize the use of available resources.

  1. Be a benchmark in the sector in efficiency, profitability, and sustainability, from mines and smelters to our end customers.
  2. Be a transformational player in the expansion into new markets of zinc and copper, along with a strong exploration program to continuously extend and increase the life of mines.
  3. Be a reference in sustainable and innovative solutions for tailings, safety, diversity, as well as expanding our circular economy, prioritizing our host communities, biodiversity, and reducing carbon emissions.

Based on this unique long-term vision, key medium-term ambitions will guide Nexa’s path over the next three to five years.

  • Improve cash flow generation from operations.
  • Maintain relevance in zinc and expand copper by assessing our pipeline and by being active in the M&A market.
  • Expand boldly into new markets.
  • Play a prominent role in sustainability.